When Audi decided to run a series of pre-launch teaser activities in advance of the release of their new A3 in China, they turned to Pico to totally activate their brand in six cities across the country – simultaneously!

As the theme for the campaign was ‘family container’, a play on the vehicle’s family-oriented purpose, we adopted a containerised, industrial design. This successfully balanced the need to position the A3 as a ‘young and exciting’ model without sacrificing Audi’s long-established position as a ‘mature’ marque. This industrial format not only looked striking, it enabled us to deliver a number of distinct and exciting experiences within a comparatively small 500 sq. m. space. Importantly, the containerised design was environmentally-friendly – the containers can be fully re-used for future displays.

Our multimedia teams created several experiences, including a recording studio zone equipped with an Audi A3 B&O sound system, a professional coach offering test drive lessons, pro demonstrations of the A3’s capabilities, and displays of Audi Ultra, e-tron and Connect technology accessed through transparent touchscreens – which employed a brand-new type of interactive display. The screens, which were as clear as glass, maintained their transparency throughout – providing a high level of detail and an abundance of colours, allowing users to see and interact with the screens’ dynamic messages.

Pico engineers also designed a system which allowed participants in each city to see what was happening in the other five cities simultaneously and converse with other far-flung participants via a real-time video transmission. This interactive experience made the atmosphere even more lively and exciting by removing boundaries and bringing all six cities together at the same time.

There were significant challenges to be faced, however, with an extremely short delivery timeline, complex logistics, and complicated software development, which were mostly performed in just one week. Delivering at the same time across the six cities – Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang and Hangzhou – required superhuman effort.

Still, work had to proceed 24 hours a day to ensure on-time delivery in the face of hugely variable weather patterns, with cold in the north and rain in the south. Against these odds, Pico’s superb project management skills led to a successful delivery. With over 300,000 visitors in total, the A3 pre-launch campaign was an illustration of Pico’s professional production and management skills which allow seamless delivery within an extraordinarily tight schedule.