Citigroup Inc., today’s pre-eminent financial services company with some 200 million customer accounts in more than 100 countries, dates back to the history of Citibank, which first began operations in 1812. Citibank first established an office in China on 15 May 1902 in Shanghai, and today Citibank is the premier foreign bank operating in China. It offers the broadest product range and has the largest network of any foreign bank in China.

In early 2004, Albert Smith China proudly became the signage supplier for Citibank’s Beijing Branch and 24-hour banking operation. Albert Smith China is also undertaking the Citigroup signage for the Xin Tian Di project in Shanghai and participating in signage and way-finding systems consultation and production for the Citigroup Building in the Pudong District of Shanghai.

Albert Smith China was also appointed to supply and install the signage for Citigroup Tower in Shanghai which includes the blue wave illuminated fascia and both high and low leveL neon-illuminated white ‘Citigroup’ and red umbrella ‘logo’ channel letters. The powerful Citigroup branding, together with the simple, functional and modern design of the building, is destined to make the Citigroup Tower a major landmark on the Shanghai skyline.